The process of applying to enter Malaysia as a student is simple. There are about 110,000 international students from more than 100 countries studying in Malaysia – testimony that Malaysia is a popular choice for international students.

If you are considering becoming an international student in Malaysia, you may be wondering where to begin in applying to study in this country. The chart below outlines the steps involved in preparing you to become an international student in Malaysia. There is no centralised system for international student application. This means that prospective students need to apply directly to the institutions they are considering.

  1. Identify your education needs (the type of programme, field of study, level of study, etc.)
  2. Get to know the Malaysian Education System
  3. Identifying your preffered choice of institution(s) and verify that you meet the admission criteria
  4. Submit application forms, relevant documents and application fee to selected institution(s)
  5. If your application is accepted, go on to the next step; if rejected, re-view your choices in step 3 and apply for another institutions
  6. Successful candidates will receive an acceptance letter from the institution/s
  7. Accept the offer; subsequently, the education institution will apply for a student pass (VAL)/visa for you. When you have obtained your VAL, apply for a single entry visa (if applicable)
  8. Prepare to come to Malaysia
  9. Enrol at the institution

Good to know

There are over 500 private higher educational institutions in Malaysia but only about 200 of these institutions approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs to recruit international students. In contrast, all public universities are allowed to recruit international students. Do make sure that the institution you’re applying to is authorised to enrol international students.

Students are advised to consult the student counsellors or relevant representatives of the institution on the type of programmes offered and its entry requirements. Also, find the budget that best fits your needs. Malaysian institutions offer many options that will meet most students’ requirements. Assistance in the application of a Student Pass and Visa to enter Malaysia is usually provided by the institution at which the student is enrolled. The immigration procedure is fairly simple.

If you have the chance, visiting Malaysia to check out the institutions you have shortlisted will help you make a better decision when choosing which college or university at which to enrol.

Admission offer from the institute:

Upon receipt of the application for admission , the institution usually takes 5 to 7 days for processing the same . If accepted , the institute then issues an “offer of place “ letter . This letter confirms the course details , commencement date , an invoice for the tuition fee , miscellaneous fee , caution money and accommodation fees . The student then has to make arrangements for making the the payment of fees .


Steps for applying for a student visa :

The Malaysian government has made the procedure of the application of student visa and pass easy for anyone who wants to study in the country , as you don’t have to contact your local embassy.

1. Directly contact the institution : You can directly apply for a student pass from the chosen institute and no longer from the immigration department .Your application will be directly submitted by the institution to the Director of Pass and Permit division of Malaysia.

2. Confirmation of acceptance : Prospective candidates would be informed about the status of their application by the immigration department of Malaysia through the educational institution one has chosen, within 7 working days.

3. Necessary documents need to be sent : If successful , you have to mail the required visa documents or send the same to the institution as further to this process the institute will be taking care of the procedure.

4. Letter confirming student pass : A letter of approval for your student pass would be released by the Malaysian immigration and would be delivered to the institution . It would then be sent across to you.

5. Information to the institution : You need to inform the institution about your arrival before you leave for Malaysia . It should have the information about your airport location , date of journey , flight number , arrival date and time . Upon arrival in Malaysia , a representative from the institution would greet you at the immigration check point at the Malaysian airport . Next, your visa will be issued to you via an endorsement on your valid national passport.

6. Wait for your student pass sticker : Within two weeks your passport will be submitted to the immigration department and a student pass sticker would be affixed to it .