Malaysia is a unique country marked by diverse culture , races ,and religions . It’s a small country with a population of just 23.27 million, majority of which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. It’s a multiracial country with a rich cultural heritage. The most unique one being the “Open House” concept wherein during the celebration of any kind of religious festival like Chinese new year ,diwali or Hari Raya , apart from family members and friends even strangers can join during the ongoing festivities . They are greeted and treated very warmly by the hosts. This generosity of the Malaysians is hailed by individuals across the globe.

A few years back the Malaysian government had announced Vision 2020, an ambitious plan out of becoming highly industrialized and self sufficient by the year 2020. Its almost 5 more years to go. But the stable Malaysian economy is spearheading to achieving its target in a much lesser timespan. Apart from a spiralling economy, political stability , picturesque landscape and unique lifestyle its fast becoming an educational hub to many international students .

Infrastructure : Malaysia boasts of having one of the most advanced infrastructure amongst the developing nations . It’s a paradise for the wannabes and aspirants who have access to world class infrastructure , roadways , medical facilities , educational institutes , sports and recreational facilities and all other modern day amenities that one can think of ,at affordable prices .

Geography of Malaysia: Malaysia is located at the southeastern part of Asia and is inhabited by a little more than 28 million people. It basically consists of two parts : Peninsular Malaysia , located between Thailand in the north and Singapore in the South and the two provinces “Sabah” and “Sarawak” located on Borneo

People and Culture, Language and religion: Malaysia has a total population of about 28 million. Owing to its unique positioning, between the Indian Ocean and the South China sea, this country serves as a meeting ground for traders, travelers , and students from both the East and the West . As mentioned earlier, Malaysia has multicultural and multiracial population consisting of Malays , Chinese and Indians . 59% are Malays , 32% chineese and remaing 9% Indians and other indigenous groups .Malay is the official language, however English and Chineese are also widely prevalent . Islam is the official religion but there is freedom to worship any god . Hence it is common to see Mosques , temples ,churches and other worship places at the same locality .

Government : Malaysia has parliamentary democracy with a bicameral legislative system . The head of the state is Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Prime Minister is Najib Razak .

Climate : Malaysia enjoys a tropical weather ,hence it enjoys warm weather althroughout the year . Temperature ranges from 21 degree Celsius to 32 degrees. It receives moderate rainfall ranging from 2000 mm to 2500mm.

Economy : The countries gross GDP is majorly constituted by the manufacturing industry . Tourism and commodities such as Petroleum , rubber , palm oil , and timber also contribute significantly .

Currency : The Currency of Malaysia is Malaysian Ringgit and is represented as MR .

Entry Requirements : It is easy to get access to the Malaysian territories because of a liberal entry policy . Visitors to Malaysia require having a valid passport or traveling document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the estimated visiting time period.

Why destination Malaysia?

Time and again it has been mentioned that slowly but steadily Malaysia is gaining popularity amongst international students . It is one of Asia’s top education destination. One of the most interesting facts about the Malaysian education system is that the government of Malaysia provides free primary and secondary level educations summing upto 11 years for each student . Following is an attempt to summarize the reasons for the growing popularity of Malaysia as an Education Destination amongst international students

1. High Quality education system and standards : The Malaysian government is putting its best foot forward in making the higher education system at par with the international standards .It has the vision to make Malaysia a “Center of Excellence for higher education “ .
The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) that comes under the purview of the Ministry of Higher Education , monitors and oversees the quality assurance practices and accreditation of national higher education.

2. Obtaining foreign qualifications at a much lower cost : It’s a great advantage to study in Malaysia as both domestic and international students can get foreign degree qualifications from universities of US, UK, Australia and Canada through twinning and 3+0 degrees as well as study centers and campuses of foreign universities already present at Malaysia. Some of the foreign campuses in Malaysia are :

  • i. The University of Nottingham
  • ii. Curtin University
  • iii. Newcastle University
  • iv. University of Southampton
  • v. Monash University
  • vi. Swinburne University of Technology

3. Enviable Lifestyle : Malaysia is one of the fastest developing nations amongst the Asian countries . A super industrialized economy that has left its counterparts far behind also aptly describes Malaysia. The infrastructure of Malaysia has the most advanced state of the are health care and medical facilities , world class university campuses , advanced telecommunications network and the best expressway network in the south east of Asia . So who can beat this experience.

4. Education and Living @ Lower cost : Compared to countries like UK , US , Australia and Canada, the Cost of living in Malaysia is much economical as the Malaysian currency conversion is advantageous . 

5. The country needs skilled graduates : Malaysian economy is on a roller coaster ride and owing to its growing economy , this country needs a lot of skilled workers . Oil , Natural gas and Commodities industry makes up a sizeable part of the GDP and hence there is a huge demand of graduates in accounting , computer science and bio technology sectors . International students can take full opportunity of this scenario and make the best of it.

6. Easy Immigration procedure : Malaysia has a relatively easier and stress free immigration procedure in contrast to countries which follow a stricter regimen . International students find it much convenient to undergo Malaysian Immigration procedure.

7. Comfortable and Safe living : As per a recent survey , Malaysia is one of the safest country to live in . High political stability , relatively low crime rate and lesser probability of occurrence of natural disasters makes Malaysia a very desirable country amongst the international students . The weather of Malaysia is also very pleasing. Its neither too hot or humid nor too windy and chilly . Its sunny or rainy the whole year so one doesn’t need to face the harshness of nature , making their stay a truly enjoyable one .

8. A travelers paradies : Malaysia is marked by stupendous and picturesque natural beauty . Its naturally endowed with scenic beauties ranging from Cameron highlands , Perhentian islands ,national park- Taman Negara to modern amenities like Airbridge at Langkawi island and Sepang F1 race circuit .