• New Zealand (Or Aotearoa – land of the long white cloud ) is truly one of the most serene, beautiful and vivid countries in the world. It’s a very small country of just 4.5 million people and is made up up off two major land masses namely North Island and South Island along with a number of smaller islands.

    It is one of the most picturesque country’s and consists of beautiful landscapes such as steaming volcanoes, vast mountain ranges and unending coastlines. Owing to the remoteness and the fact that it is water locked from almost all the corners this country has been discovered and human beings have settled in very recently. Simply put – It’s the youngest country in the world. It’s a dream come true for adventure seekers and nature lovers.

    Newzealand boasts of a rich culture and heritage too . Early historians suggest that this island country was first inhabited by eastern Polynesians, called “Maori”. It was much later that British explorer James Cook discovered this country in one of his adventure trips . Infact the culture of New zealand is interwoven from British , Oceanian , Maori , Chinese and European customs .

  • New zealand has a world class reputation for providing quality education across the board . Imparting good quality education is a priority for the “Kiwi” concept of “ giving everyone a fair go. According to OECD the NZ comfortably figures in the top 20 countries for providing quality education . About 8 of our Universities figure in the top 50 QS world university rankings 2015-16 The Kiwis take pride in providing quality education that is world class and absolutely modern .
  • The education system in NZ encourages students to comprehend, scrutinize, solve and apply information and work with others in order to foster and initiate. It encourages expression of thought, debate and flexibility. The teachers over here always emphasize that life is a learning process and that learning never stops. They encourage students to be confident and believe in their actions.
  • Whatever education one is looking at, New Zealand has the perfect solution. This island country boasts of 8 world class universities, 18 polytechnics and institutes of technology, around 600 private training institutions, 27 English language schools and around 20 industry training organizations.
  • Why study in New Zealand :

    1. World class Educational system : There are enough reasons to go anywhere for School but Newzealand as this country has an amazing educational system . The tuition fee is the lowest amongst all. One gets a british based education as this country has long been dominated by britishers . The best part is that the degrees provided by the Universities of Newzealand are honored worldwide because of being practical and up-to- date . The support services for international students is one of the best and is constantly upgraded to meet the demands of changing times and student preferences .

    2. The Kiwis : Kiwis are usually very good natured, easy going and friendly people who one would love to make friends with . They treat even a complete stranger with utmost graciousness and would not let one feel lonely as Kiwis themselves travel a lot and are used to seeing travelers visiting this small island country. One would feel relaxed and laid back in Newzealand in comparison to other big cities like London or New York for studies.

    3. Stability : Even though Newzealand is a very small country inhabited by about 4 million people, its economic stability is worth a mention. Cost of Living is low and the government is also quite stable in contrast to the ones in other developed and developing nations. One can’t ignore but mention that immigration is embraced with open arms over here. This is a major factor for the popularity of Newzealand in the list of all aspirants.

    4. Pleasant Weather conditions : The weather conditions in NZ is absolutely pleasing and suits various kinds of life styles. Winters are mildly cold and dry (temperature wavering in and around 10 °C). Summers are warm and dry, with temperature hovering in and around 25°C. Interestingly the seasons are in stark contrast to the one enjoyed in the northern hemisphere.

    5. Abundant work opportunity : There are plenty of job opportunities in this country. On a student Visa one can work upto 20 hours a week to support his/her education. It can be extended to 40 hours during vacations. So one can be at ease as the the cost of the education would be born by the student himself giving a much wanted relief to the family members. Another feather in the cap is that one can get a permit at the end of one’s degree program and work for another 12 months in the country under a special work permit alongside one’s student visa.

    6. Visa can be easily acquired : Unlike other countries that make one’s life miserable while processing visa application, the kiwis welcome immigrants with open arms. The visa acquisition process is relatively simple and would not be rejected upright. If one can give proper reasons or in other words can give a proper “Statement of Purpose” to the VISA officer then one would definitely get the visa. Last but not the least it has already been mentioned that one can extend visa till one year from the date of completion of the degree. Additionally, if one is in a job that is related to the degree obtained then one can apply for permanent residency which would be granted in 6 months time. What more one can ask for.