There is a misconception in a lot of people that the Process is quite Complex and Time Consuming. Well it may be true for those Centers, who intentionally keep the Applicant in the dark from the most part of the RPL process. After the initial process starts, when an applicant drops the filled up application form, mostly online, the Applicant barely meets the Person in charge of the Process. Thus He / She has little or no clue what all is happening and from this not knowing about the process gives them an impression, that it must be a complex process.

Study In Ptv Ltd, strongly suggests to avoid these institutions who spends very little time with the Applicant. The very fact that The ultimate goal of RPL is to find out about the skill sets the applicant posses, in order to figure out the matching qualification. Naturally the more time The Person in charge spends with the applicant, the better he can learn about, when, how long and how many sectors / organizations the applicant had worked for and what skill sets / expertise have been achieved.

The Process We Follow at Study In

Our Motto is Simple.

Charge the Least and Spend time with Applicant the most.

A nationally recognized qualification consists of core & elective units, which an individual needs to provide evidence of competency for. We help our Client, figure out for which Core & Elective units he / she needs to provide evidence to prove competency
Provided the list of forms to collect for as evidence, The Applicant collects references from current & previous employment, testimonials from clients, performance appraisals, job descriptions and work samples.
Study In then analyzes The evidences to see if they provide recognition of competencies the Applicant currently hold regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred. When assessing, we also ensure the evidences provided is current, sufficient, authentic and valid.
Should the client have not got all the evidence to cover all the years, yhe / she will be provided with gap training related to the unit or units that he / she lacking skills for.
Once our Authority is satisfied with evidence received, Client’s portfolio will be compiled and submitted to the registered training organization issuing the qualification.
The Diagram Below Makes to Process Easier to Understand


RPL steps