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RPL Qualifications offered by Studyin are recognized across the continent and are equivalent to others. The certifications are under approval from “Australian Quality framework
One can chose from over 30+Partnered Registered Training Organizations(RTO) to choose from. They are located all over Australia and one can choose them depending upon their convenience.

certfStudyin services takes pride in providing more than 400 qualifications available in 30+ different industries.


No individual’s competency and ability are the same. Our panel of “Personal Councilors” will give individual consultation right from recognizing your skills to gaining the requisite qualifications and then assisting in getting you placed.

asistanceStudyin services believes in long term relationships. After successful completion of the qualification program, we welcome you aboard. As an esteemed member of the studyin fraternity you would be getting invitations to be a part of official graduation ceremonies, referral rewards along with continuous counseling for a brighter future.