Work Permit in Australia for International students

If you are planning to study in Australia and want to work while studying, you need to follow a few rules.

An international student with a valid Visa can work up to 20 hours per week or 40 hours a fortnight while attending the course. However, one can work full time during the vacation.
International students can arrive in Australia 90 days before the course begins, but they are not allowed to work until the session starts.
Even the family members of the students cannot work until the course begins.
A student cannot extend the 20 hours per week work time limit. If he/she wants to extend, the person needs to work as a volunteer. There won’t be any extra payment for the extra hour working.
If an international student works more than the limited hours, his/her Visa can get cancelled.
However, a subclass 57 Visa holder, who has started his/her research course don’t need to abide by the work hour regulation because they have the permission to work for endless hours.
The family members of a student have permission to work 40 hours per fortnight. But, if a student is attending a masters or doctorate course on a subclass 573, 574 or 576 Visa, his/her family members would not be having any limited work hour.
After offering the job, the employer of the student needs to apply to the home office for the work permit.
The Australian Department of Immigration holds the Visa information electronically. They can access the information anytime through Visa Entitlement Verification online (VEVO). However, they don’t access it without your consent.
Since 26th April 2008, Australian student Visa automatically grants a student to work while studying. The family members are also getting instant permission to work here. The students, who want to work here, do not need to apply for Visa separately.
Australia offers lucrative jobs in
-Retail sector, such as supermarkets, clothing stores
-Hospitality sector, such as restaurant, bars, cafes
-Tourism sector, such as hotel
-Agriculture sector, such as fruit picking, farming
-Sales & Telemarketing
-Administration & clerical
Some institutions in Australia facilitate job notice boards on campus and online. To know what opportunity your institution is providing, contact international student support staff.
To find a short-term job, register your qualification details at a recruitment firm.
Based on the job profile and age a student can earn $8-17 per hour.
One can extra by working on Sundays and other public holidays.
If you are an ambitious person, you must look for an internship. It provides you a great opportunity to learn about the professional field.
The basic right to work in Australia is protected by
-A minimum wage
-Safe & healthy work environment
-Break & rest periods
-Challenge of unfair dismissal from the job
You can know more about the work rights in Australia by visiting the Fair Work website. You need to get a tax file number to work in Australia. To get more Information about tax file numbers and taxpaying norms visit Australian Taxation Office website.