The Malaysian government allows international students to work during their stay at Malaysia for higher education, in order to help the students ease the financial burden on their parents who fund their children’s foreign education. They are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week only during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days. They are permitted to work in Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets and Hotels as long as the Student Pass remains valid. Students are not permitted to work as a cashier. In addition, in the hotel sector, students are not allowed to work as singer, masseur, musician, GRO and other activities deemed to be considered immoral as per the Malaysian law. The application to work part-time has to be forwarded to the ministry of education by the educational institution in which the student is studying.

Documents required for work permit in Malaysia :

  • Visa Application Form filled completely and duly signed by the applicant.
  • The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 9 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.
  • Two passport-size recent photographs (35 mm width x 45 mm height) against a white background pasted and not stapled on the application form.
  • A typed covering letter from the applicant stating the purpose of visit.
  • Letter from the company / institution in Malaysia.
  • A Work Permit Approval from the Immigration Department in Malaysia (in original).
  • Confirmed air ticket
  • Original copy of VDR Approval Letter from Malaysian Immigration Department